Who We Are

Parachute is a technology company. Technology runs deep in our veins. We are a geographically distributed collective of some of the best engineers and scientists in the world


At Parachute, we are all specialists. Because everyone at Parachute is a specialist in their area of expertise, everyone functions as their own independent unit, and gets full control and ownership of their work


Early on in Parachute’s history, we made the bold decision to reject venture capital and build an independent, financially-sustainable business. At the time, people thought we were crazy. We now see, more and more frequently, other companies doing the same (“More Start-Ups Have an Unfamiliar Message for Venture Capitalists: Get Lost”, NY Times). This means that we have full control of how we run our company. It also means that we don’t resort to dirty tricks and douchey tactics that have become normalized in way too many VC-funded startups (“It doesn’t have to be crazy at work”, DHH)


We’ve all seen examples of toxic tech companies betraying their users’ trust in their relentless pursuit of growth. Products that were once fun to use have devolved into spammy abominations. At Parachute, our users are our investors. There are no VCs to appease. No growth tactics to resort to. Our mission is to simply do what’s best for our users every day, in exchange for a fair price

Change the World

In 2015, Parachute forever transformed personal safety by being the first to bring livestreaming to emergencies. In 2016, we did the same with emergency management by introducing the first livestream-enabled emergency platform and API

We have done more to push the limits of what technology can do to protect us in an emergency than anyone else out there. Working at Parachute, you will be exposed to an environment that revolves around fresh ideas, creativity and innovation

Working at Parachute

We run Parachute differently from other companies. Our focus is on true happiness

True Happiness

True happiness at work does not come from free snacks and beer. It comes from being in an environment where you are free to work on the things you like. It also comes from being free to choose where you work from, at what times and which days. There are no artificial deadlines. No useless meetings. No all nighters. You are free to work from whichever country you want, on whatever timezone you want, from home or from an office

Open Positions

We are not publicly posting any open positions right now, but we are always looking for strong engineering talent


We understand that, as an engineer, marketing yourself is not at the top of the list of things you like to do. That’s why we make things simple. No long forms to fill out. Just send us an email at careers@parachute.live and tell us why you want to work at Parachute and what you can bring to the table. Include whatever other information you want. We will then get in touch with you and find out more about you

If you have seen or received a posting from a third-party recruiter about a Parachute position, please do not respond to them. We do not work with any third party recruiters

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