Parachute handles highly sensitive data from across the world every day. We take this responsibility very seriously

We never share your data with anyone but your emergency contacts

We never look at any of your data unless you ask us to

We never own your data — all data belongs to you


Parachute is a neutral conduit for emergencies that has no affiliation with any political, economic or social cause. Parachute is open to anyone, regardless of background and beliefs. We are working with some of the leading experts in the world to make sure our ability to provide a neutral service for all remains uninhibited.

Deleting Incidents

When you activate Parachute, we email you (not your emergency contacts) a special link that, when opened from the phone that initiated the incident, allows you to delete the incident. You have to wait 24 hours after the incident ended before you can delete the incident. We keep a backup of the deleted incident for a minimum of 30 days. This allows us to recover an incident that was accidentally deleted. After that, all data associated with an incident is completely destroyed. If you would like the deletion of an incident managed differently, please send us an email from the address associated with your account.


Parachute hotlines impose their own privacy policy, which is provided to you when you add the hotline to your emergency contacts. Hotlines may choose to have Parachute notarize, encrypt and store your data in a location and country of their choice. Hotlines may choose to manage the storage of your data themselves, without the data ever being stored on Parachute's servers.

If the information in this page does not cover your privacy concerns, please email us at The Terms of Use for the Parachute app are available here: Terms of Use

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