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Built for Emergencies

When you find yourself in an emergency, every second is critical. Parachute does everything your phone can do to protect you — with a single touch

Get Help

Parachute calls, texts and emails your emergency contacts and livestreams your location, audio and video to them, so they can see what's happening in real time

Capture Evidence

Parachute captures your location, audio and video and saves it away from your phone, so it's accessible even if your phone is destroyed or taken

New in Parachute

Discreet Recording

Parachute blacks out the screen during an emergency to ensure your safety

Faster Activation

Activate Parachute from anywhere in iOS through the notification center widget, or by force-touching the app icon

Add Organizations

Add organizations as emergency contacts and share your incidents with them when you activate Parachute


Turn the flash on and off during an emergency


Parachute keeps track of your altitude during an emergency, so others can tell which floor you're on

Smarter Streaming

Parachute has a brand new streaming algorithm that performs much better in situations where the network is slow, choppy or even totally offline

Delete Incidents

Delete incidents after 24 hours using the link on your email

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