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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does Parachute cost?

Parachute Micro (US$2.99/yr) is the most affordable way to experience Parachute. With Parachute Micro, you can activate Parachute up to 3 times per year, with up to 10 emergency alerts per incident, and incidents expire after 3 months

Parachute Lite (US$2.99/mo) is designed for light use. With Parachute Lite, you can activate Parachute up to 3 times per month, with up to 10 emergency alerts per incident, and incidents expire after 3 months

Parachute (US$9.99/mo) is our flagship membership and comes with unlimited everything: unlimited devices, unlimited emergency contacts, unlimited alerts, unlimited incidents and lifetime evidence storage for as long as you’re an active member

Parachute Family (US$14.99/mo) is our unlimited-everything, all-inclusive family membership, for up to 6 family members

All our memberships start with a free week, automatically upgraded to the unlimited Parachute membership, so you can try Parachute as much as you like without being charged. We believe in our product so much that we will give you back everything you’ve paid us in the past year if Parachute crashes during your emergency. Parachute is a very powerful tool that does more and costs more than anything else out there. Check out our Pricing Information and Comparison Chart to see if Parachute is right for you

Why is Parachute expensive?

Because we would rather explain the price once than resort to poor quality and shady practices. We make all our money directly from members like yourself and organizations like yours. This allows us to devote 100% of our time on working for you, not against you. Free safety apps will most likely send your information to data collection companies and other shadowy entities (“Forensic Investigation: The Shocking State Of Privacy In Safety Apps”). Because their business model is not sustainable, they usually shut down after a few years, in one case without even telling their own customers. Parachute charges a fair price for its unique features and unmatched reliability, and never sends any of your information to data collection companies or other shadowy entities. Learn more about our Principles and Philosophy

Here are some of the costs we have to pay for every time you activate Parachute: text messages to 224 countries, phone calls to 119 countries, emails, live-streaming the video to anywhere in the world with minimal latency, running a globally distributed emergency network that can never fail even with 10000x surges in traffic, customer support, software development, App Store fees and more. Read our founder’s tweet

What are some free alternatives to Parachute?

Parachute memberships start at 25 cents a month (US) for Parachute Micro, our most affordable membership. Parachute is designed for independent individuals who take their safety very seriously and are looking for the best their phone can do for them in an emergency. Parachute is a very powerful tool that does more and therefore costs more than cheaper or free alternatives (“Why is Parachute expensive?”). Depending on your needs, there might be free alternatives to Parachute that might be good enough for you, including Apple’s own Emergency SOS feature, that is completely free and works with local emergency services in most countries. Check out our Comparison Chart to see if a free alternative works for you

How do I set up Parachute?

To start using Parachute, you need to start your membership (see Pricing). Your first week is a free trial, so you’ll be able to test out Parachute to make sure you like it before paying for it. Next, you’ll need to fill in at least your name and email. Without this information, you cannot use Parachute because we need to be able to send you a special link through which you can manage each incident. You must also choose whether to allow location, microphone and camera access to Parachute. If you do not, you will keep seeing the Parachute 101 lesson every time you start the app. These are the minimum steps required to start using Parachute

Why am I seeing the Parachute intro video and Parachute 101 lesson every time I launch the app?

If you are seeing the Parachute intro video and Parachute 101 lesson every time you launch the app, it means you have not finished setting up Parachute. Please make sure that you have filled in at least your name and email and that you have chosen whether to allow location, microphone and camera access to Parachute in the “Permissions” section of Parachute’s settings page. Additionally, if you are running iOS13 or newer and choose “Allow Once” when setting up Parachute’s location permission, the permission will reset next time you launch Parachute, and you will see the intro video and Parachute 101 lesson again

How do I contact my personal concierge?

Your personal concierge will help you set up Parachute to best fit your personal safety and emergency needs, and will always be available to answer any questions you may have. For as long as your membership is active, you can reach your personal concierge using the “Email Concierge” button in Parachute

How do I cancel my Parachute membership?

Parachute is commitment-free, so you can cancel your membership any time by tapping the “Manage Membership” button in the app or through your iTunes Subscriptions page. You will receive an email confirmation once your membership is cancelled

How do I upgrade, downgrade or change my Parachute membership?

You can upgrade, downgrade or change your membership any time by tapping the “Manage Membership” button in the app or through your iTunes Subscriptions page

What does “0 incidents left” mean?

If you are on a Parachute Micro membership or Parachute Lite membership, you can use Parachute for up to 3 times per year for Parachute Micro or 3 times per month for Parachute Lite. Your incidents will renew on every billing cycle. If you run out of incidents for the current billing cycle, Parachute will display a notice and send you an email alert. If you would like to use Parachute before your next billing cycle, you can upgrade your membership by tapping the “Manage Membership” button in the app or through your iTunes Subscriptions page

How do I activate Parachute?

You activate Parachute by launching the app and touching anywhere on the screen for 1 second. As you do that, the Parachute ring unrolls and turns red. You can also activate Parachute from anywhere in iOS by touching the Parachute widget for 1 second

What happens when I activate Parachute?

Parachute calls, texts and emails your emergency contacts and sends them a link with live video, audio and location updates from your phone. Parachute also emails you the link so you can review it later. Check out our Example Parachute Timeline and Demo Parachute Incident to learn more

How do I see what I’m recording?

Parachute blacks out the screen during an emergency to protect your safety. To see what you're recording, just hold down the eye. Parachute uses the back camera since that does not expose the phone's screen into view

Do I need to hold down the eye to record or live-stream?

No, you do not need to hold down the eye to record or live-stream. The eye button is only there in case you need to preview the video being recorded and live-streamed, or if you need to check the incident’s status. Parachute still keeps recording and live-streaming discreetly even though the screen is black

How do I end an incident?

You end an incident by holding down the eye and then holding the "X" for one second

How do I delete a Parachute incident?

When you activate Parachute, we send you an email with the link to the incident, as well as a link that can be used to manage the incident. To delete the incident, just open the manage link on your phone and choose “Delete”. To protect against forced deletion under duress, you have to wait 24 hours after the incident is over before the incident can be deleted. When the incident is deleted, the incident is taken down immediately and the incident and its data is removed. In order to protect against accidental deletion and forced deletion under duress, an offline, inaccessible backup of the incident is kept for 30 days after the incident was deleted. After the 30 days have passed, the offline backup is destroyed and there is no way to recover the incident and its data. If you would like the deletion of an incident managed differently, please email the concierge

How do I download Parachute incident video?

When you activate Parachute, we send you an email with the link to the incident, as well as a link that can be used to manage the incident. To download the incident's video, just open the manage link on your phone and choose “Download”. If you would like to download additional data, please email data@parachute.live

When do Parachute incidents expire?

If you are on our flagship Parachute membership, you have lifetime incident storage and your incidents never expire, as long as your membership is in good standing. Otherwise, your incidents expire 3 months after they are created, and deletion is handled according to the procedure outlined here

Can I review the incident after it is over?

Yes, after the incident is over you can use the incident's shortlink to review the incident and evidence

Why is my country’s pricing different from Parachute’s United States pricing?

Parachute’s membership prices are originally set in US Dollars. In countries with additional taxes, Parachute’s membership prices must be adjusted to account for these taxes. For example, Parachute’s pricing in the United Kingdom is adjusted upwards to account for an additional 20% value-added tax in the UK, as well as an additional 2% digital services tax (Gov.UK). Exchange rate volatility and local regulations may also require us to adjust the price upwards. When we lower Parachute’s pricing for a country, those savings are automatically passed on to you, with no action required on your end. When we have to increase our pricing for a country, we still honor your membership’s original price for as long as your membership stays active. For Parachute’s most up-to-date pricing in your country, check the “In-App Purchases” section on Parachute’s App Store page

Front Camera Add-On

What does the Front Camera add-on do?

With the Front Camera add-on, Parachute will use the front-facing camera and microphone in an emergency. The Front Camera add-on was inspired by rideshare and taxi drivers who use Parachute to record emergencies happening inside their car with their phone mounted on the dashboard

Multi-Camera Add-On

What does the Multi-Camera add-on do?

The Multi-Camera add-on lets you livestream and record video from both cameras simultaneously. You can select which camera is the main camera and which camera is the secondary camera. Video from the secondary camera is displayed in a small box on top of the video from the main camera. Audio will be recorded from the microphone next to the main camera

Read Introducing Multi-Camera Livestreaming: A World First for iOS

Who can use the Multi-Camera add-on?

The Multi-Camera add-on is open to all Parachute members running iOS 13 or newer on iPhones released in 2018 or later. Older iPhones are not powerful enough for multi-camera recording

Why did Parachute not record from the secondary camera?

First, check Settings to make sure the Multi-Camera add-on is enabled. Second, make sure you are using a compatible device on iOS 13 or newer. Third, make sure you have granted both microphone and camera access to Parachute. If you have satisfied all three of these conditions but the second camera did not show up in the recording, this means that prior to running Parachute, your phone was in a very heavily taxed state (like when playing a graphics-intensive game), and Parachute made the determination that activating the second camera would be unsafe and cause hardware damage to your phone. Typically when this happens, your phone will already be hot to the touch before activating Parachute. If you would like more details on why Parachute disabled the secondary camera for a specific incident, please email the concierge

Which of the back cameras does Parachute use?

When the back camera is selected on a device with multiple back cameras, Parachute will always use the widest back camera on the device in order to capture the most evidence possible. For iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, this means it will use the ultra wide camera, at a 120 degree field of view

Checkup Add-On

How does the Checkup add-on work?

With Checkup enabled, every time you launch Parachute it automatically marks you safe and adds a breadcrumb with your location. You will feel a silent nudge when you successfully mark yourself safe. If you don’t mark yourself safe in more than 12 hours, Parachute sends you a push notification reminding you to mark yourself safe. From that point, you have 12 hours to mark yourself safe, during which you will receive additional push and email notifications. If you have still not marked yourself safe 12 hours after the first push notification (24 hours since you last marked yourself safe), Parachute creates a new incident and alerts your emergency contacts, just like in a regular Parachute incident. Your emergency contacts receive your emergency notes, as well as your location breadcrumbs from the past 10 days. Any actions you set up in Add-Ons such as Phone Alert and Twitter are also performed

Read Introducing Checkup: Daily Safety Checks During COVID-19

Who can use Checkup?

Checkup is open to all Parachute and Parachute Lite members on iOS 13 or newer. If you are on a Parachute Lite membership, you must have at least one incident left for Checkup to work, which Checkup will use to alert your emergency contacts in the event of a missed checkup.

Does Checkup cost extra?

No, Checkup is included with your Parachute and Parachute Lite membership

What is a missed checkup?

A missed checkup happens if you fail to mark yourself safe in 24 hours. In the run-up to a missed checkup you will receive 3 push notifications and 2 email notifications prompting you to mark yourself safe

Does Checkup interfere with other Parachute functionality?

Absolutely not. You can still activate Parachute as normal. You do not have to wait for the Mark Safe check symbol to appear

How do I mark myself safe?

To mark yourself safe, all you have to do is launch Parachute. Parachute will mark you safe and save a location breadcrumb with your present location. To confirm you have been marked safe Parachute gives you a silent nudge and flashes a checkmark on the main screen

How can I control the timing of the Checkup reminder?

The Checkup reminder is sent when 12 hours have passed since you last marked yourself safe. By marking yourself safe at a time that is convenient for you, you can control the time at which the next reminder will arrive. We recommend marking yourself safe in the morning when you wake up and at night before going to bed

What are location breadcrumbs?

Location breadcrumbs are a privacy-preserving way of releasing your recent location trail to your emergency contacts, but only in the event of a missed checkup. As long as you don’t miss a checkup, your location trail stays private. Unlike apps that share your location 24x7, Checkup allows you to maintain a life-saving location trail, but without having to sacrifice your privacy when there is no emergency. Parachute keeps a rolling trail of your breadcrumbs for the past 10 days, deleting any older breadcrumbs. You can mark yourself safe as many times as you like during the day, and each time a location breadcrumb will be added to your location trail. This allows you to provide your emergency contacts with more detail in the event you miss your checkup

When are Checkup’s reminders sent out?

As long as you mark yourself safe every 12 hours or less, Checkup will not send you any reminders. If you haven’t marked yourself safe in 12 hours, Checkup sends you the first reminder via push notification. 6 hours after that, you receive the second reminder via push notification and email. 5 hours after that, you will receive your final reminder, via push notification and email. Your checkup is missed 12 hours after the first reminder (24 hours since you last marked yourself safe)

How can I stop Checkup if I lose or reset my phone?

If you factory-reset your phone, please make sure to turn Checkup off before you reset your phone. If you lose or reset your phone without turning Checkup off first, Checkup will not know that you have lost or reset your phone, and it will still expect you to mark yourself safe. Please restore your new phone with an encrypted backup to make sure your Parachute settings are preserved. If you follow this procedure, you will be able to mark yourself safe from your newly-setup phone. If you do not follow this procedure, as a last resort to avoid alerting your emergency contacts, block your account by using the “stop Parachute alerts” link at the bottom of any “Mark yourself safe” email (this is sent to you once you haven’t marked yourself safe in 18 hours). This will flag the account connected with your old phone and prevent Checkup from alerting your emergency contacts. Then, contact the helpdesk to have your account re-enabled

Superlock Add-On

Should I use Superlock?

Superlock is an advanced and powerful add-on, so we do not recommend using it if you are new to Parachute. Make sure you take the time to read Introducing Superlock and the documentation before enabling Superlock.

How does the Superlock add-on work?

Superlock locks down Parachute during an emergency, so an unauthorized person who grabs your phone will not be able to stop Parachute, even if they try to switch off your phone. Superlock keeps your phone locked while also continuing to record and live-stream your video, audio and location undisrupted.

You must set up Superlock by following the instructions on the tutorial exactly. Do not deviate from these instructions. After you set up Superlock, you will be able to put Parachute into Superlock by triple-clicking the power button (or home button, if your device has one) during an active Parachute incident. Superlock cuts off access to the “X” button, so the Parachute incident cannot be stopped. Superlock also cuts off access to the phone’s physical buttons, to prevent Parachute from being stopped by turning off the phone. To stop Parachute, you first need to take it out of Superlock, by triple-clicking the power button (or home button, if your device has one) and entering your secret 6-digit passcode. Once Parachute is out of Superlock, you can stop the incident by holding down the “eye” button and “X” button as normal.

Read Introducing Superlock to learn more

What happens if my device experiences a power failure during Superlock?

The Re-Activate setting controls what Parachute should do in the event of a power failure (battery runs out), system crash or hard reboot.

Automatic Relaunch & Automatic Re-Activation. On iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max running iOS13, with Re-Activate turned on, Superlock will automatically relaunch and reactivate Parachute as soon as the phone recovers from a system crash or hard reboot when there is no login passcode set. This allows the recording to automatically resume. You should evaluate the tradeoffs involved in setting up automatic relaunch.

Manual Relaunch & Automatic Re-Activation. On other devices or when there is a login passcode set or if the battery runs out, Superlock reactivates Parachute as soon as it is launched. Parachute will automatically re-activate every time it is launched until your Superlock passcode is entered. To stop it from reactivating on every launch, put Parachute in Superlock, and then take it out of Superlock by entering your Superlock passcode.


What does “Please Upload Offline Data” mean?

Parachute is designed to always do the right thing regardless of network conditions. When the network connection is slow, choppy, or totally offline, Parachute may be unable to move data to our servers and may have to leave some data on your phone. After an incident is over, you can touch "Upload Offline Data" on the Settings page to upload any data Parachute was not able to upload previously. If you would like to test how Parachute performs under bad network conditions, you can use the airplane mode to simulate various network conditions. If you have not set up your name, email and membership, Parachute will be in offline mode, and all data will be kept on your phone until these are set up

What happens if I force-quit Parachute?

If you force-quit Parachute by using the iOS app switcher, the last few seconds of data may be left over on your phone. For this reason, Parachute will prompt you to “Upload Offline Data” when you re-launch it. To gracefully stop Parachute, hold down the “eye” and then the “X” buttons instead of force-quitting it. This will ensure that all evidence is pushed out before the incident is stopped.

What happens if there is bad reception or WiFi?

During an active incident, Parachute intelligently adapts to network conditions and recovers seamlessly from spotty reception, without losing any of your evidence or compromising on the quality of the recording (unlike other live-streaming options). If you have already stopped a Parachute incident but there is still leftover data that it was not able to upload, it will prompt you to do so once you are back online.

Can I use Parachute on an airplane or remote area without any reception?

You can use Parachute to discreetly record evidence (location, audio, video, and more) even when you are completely offline. Parachute will hold on to all the data on your phone and will prompt you to upload it once you are back online.

What does the color of the status bar mean?

Parachute changes the color of the status bar to give you a very quick way of checking its status


No issues. Parachute is capturing video and/or audio (depending on your permissions), has started notifying emergency contacts and location tracking and live streaming are working as expected


Major issue. Either Parachute is not able to capture video and/or audio (depending on your permissions) or has not been able to notify emergency contacts. Usually this happens because you are out of cellular coverage. Once your phone is back online, the status bar turns red


Minor issue. Parachute could not update your location or had trouble livestreaming. Usually this happens if you go out of cellular coverage after the incident started. Once your phone is back online, the status bar turns red


Location tracking. Parachute is not the active app or the screen is locked. Parachute is not streaming audio or video, but it is still streaming your location. Your emergency contacts see a message telling them that the video was interrupted

When I hold down the eye to see the status, what do the status symbols mean?

The status symbols let you drill down into each operation performed by Parachute and make sure it is working OK


No issues

Light Grey

No issues currently, but there were issues before. For example, if a Parachute incident is interrupted by a phone call, the "Recording" check turns light grey for the duration of the emergency to show that recording was interrupted


Not working. For example, if you deny microphone and video access to Parachute, Parachute will display an X next to "Recording"


Connecting/Starting up

Why did an emergency contact not receive a Parachute alert?

First, check that the number is correct. Because Parachute works internationally, all phone numbers should begin with a "+" followed by the country code and number. For example, numbers in the United States should start with a +1 and numbers in England should start with +44.

Second, if you activate Parachute repeatedly in a short period of time, it may trigger a spam fiter on Parachute's end or by the person's phone carrier. This will either delay the text or drop the text completely. This may also lead to the carrier completely blocking our ability to call or text this number. For this reason, do not activate Parachute repeatedly in a short period of time. Instead, activate it once and leave it on for longer.

Text Spam Filtered

Parachute's internal spam filter stopped this text from being sent. This happens if you try to send multiple texts to a number within 3 minutes or more than 4 texts per day. Please contact us if you need this restriction relaxed

Call spam filtered

Parachute's internal spam filter stopped this call from going through. This happens if you try to call a number more than once in 24 hours. Please contact us if you need this restriction relaxed

Calling not supported

Parachute calling is not available for this country. Only texts will be sent. Please contact us if you need Parachute calling enabled for your country

Text not possible

This number cannot receive texts. Please make sure this is not a landline. If you think this is a mistake, please contact us

Text undelivered

Parachute could not deliver the text to this number. The most common reason Parachute could not deliver a text is that the number is invalid or cannot receive texts. The second most common reason is that the person's carrier has blocked Parachute from texting this number. This can be because of a complaint made by the person receiving the text, or because too many texts were sent to this number. In this case, please contact us so we can contact their carrier and unblock this number.

Call blocked / Text blocked

Parachute has received a complaint from this number. You cannot call or text this number on Parachute. When a user replies back to a Parachute text with a word like "BLOCK", Parachute automatically blocks any texts and calls to this number. If you know this person and think this is a mistake, just have that person reply with "START" to their Parachute text and that will unblock their number

Call failed

Parachute cannot call this number. Please check that this is a valid number. If you know this is a valid number, please contact us

Text failed

Parachute cannot text this number. Please check that this is a valid number that can receive texts. If you know this is a valid number, please contact us

Parachute can text numbers in 224 countries and call numbers in 43 countries. If you are unable to alert your emergency contacts through Parachute and have followed the best practices above, please contact us

Which countries can Parachute text?

Parachute can text 224 countries, which covers virtually every country in the world

Which countries can Parachute call?

Parachute can call numbers in 119 countries

North America

United States/Canada (+1), Mexico (+52), Dominican Republic (+1-829,+1809,+1849), Anguilla (+1-264), Antigua and Barbuda (+1-268), Bahamas (+1-242), Barbados (+1-246), Bermuda (+1-441), Costa Rica (+506), El Salvador (+503), Guatemala (+502), Jamaica (+1-876), Panama (+507), Puerto Rico (+1-787,+1939), Virgin Islands, U.S. (+1-340)

South America

Argentina (+54), Bolivia (+591), Brazil (+55), Chile (+56), Colombia (+57), Ecuador (+593), Paraguay (+595), Peru (+51), Uruguay (+598), Venezuela (+58)


Andorra (+376), Austria (+43), Belgium (+32), Bulgaria (+359), Croatia (+385), Cyprus (+357), Czech Republic (+420), Denmark (+45), Finland/Aland Islands (+358), France (+33), Germany (+49), Greece (+30), Hungary (+36), Iceland (+354), Ireland (+353), Italy (+39), Liechtenstein (+423), Luxembourg (+352), Malta (+356), Monaco (+377), Netherlands (+31), Norway (+47), Poland (+48), Portugal (+351), Romania (+40), Serbia (+381), Slovakia (+421), Slovenia (+386), Spain (+34), Sweden (+46), Switzerland (+41), Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (+9-0392), Ukraine (+380), United Kingdom (+44), Vatican City (+379)


Armenia (+374), Bahrain (+973), Bangladesh (+880), Bhutan (+975), Brunei (+673), Cambodia (+855), China (+86), Georgia (+995), Hong Kong (+852), India (+91), Indonesia (+62), Iran (+98), Iraq (+964), Israel (+972), Japan (+81), Jordan (+962), Korea, Republic of (+82), Kuwait (+965), Kyrgyzstan (+996), Laos PDR (+856), Lebanon (+961), Macau (+853), Malaysia (+60), Myanmar (+95), Nepal (+977), Oman (+968), Pakistan (+92), Philippines (+63), Qatar (+974), Russia/Kazakhstan (+7), Saudi Arabia (+966), Singapore (+65), Sri Lanka (+94), Taiwan (+886), Thailand (+66), Turkey (+90), United Arab Emirates (+971), Uzbekistan (+998), Vietnam (+84), Yemen (+967)


Algeria (+213), Angola (+244), Botswana (+267), Egypt (+20), Ghana (+233), Kenya (+254), Namibia (+264), Nigeria (+234), South Africa (+27), Sudan (+249)


American Samoa (+1-684), Australia/Cocos/Christmas Island (+61), Guam (+1-671), New Zealand (+64)

Please contact us if you need Parachute calling enabled for your country

Which countries is Parachute blocked in?

Parachute can be used anywhere in the world, except in countries that block Parachute, such as the People’s Republic of China and Iran, unless a VPN is used to circumvent local restrictions. When Parachute is being blocked, Parachute will present you with a message saying that it is not able to establish a secure connection, and Parachute will be in offline mode. While in offline mode, you can use Parachute to record evidence and you will be prompted to upload your evidence as soon as Parachute is able to establish a secure connection again

Do I get charged by my phone carrier for Parachute texts and calls?

No, Parachute texts and calls are included in your membership and you do not get charged by your phone carrier. This means you can use Parachute anywhere in the world, without worrying about international fees for phone calls and text messages. Parachute sends the alerts using its own telecommunications network, which allows it to send all the alerts simultaneously and ensure your emergency contacts are notified even if your phone runs out of battery mid-emergency

Why is my Parachute account flagged?

If you are seeing a message that your account is flagged, please check that all information on Parachute is accurate. Parachute will automatically flag your account if your email address bounces, the email address of one of your contacts bounces, or if we receive a complaint from any of your emergency contacts. Please make sure all your info is accurate and contact us so we can re-enable your account

Why is my email blocked on Parachute?

If you are seeing a message that your email is blocked, this means that an email Parachute tried to send to you bounced. The most common reason for an email bouncing is that it is misspelled. Please check carefully that the email is correct. If the email is, in fact, correctly typed, it is likely that your email provider spam-blocked the email. To fix this issue, you need to mark emails from parachute.live as safe and non-spam. Please consult your email provider’s documentation on how to do this. Once your email has been fixed, email the Parachute concierge from the blocked email address and request the blocked email address to be cleared and your account re-activated

For Microsoft-based emails (hotmail.com, live.com, outlook.com, msn.com)

If your email is correctly typed but blocked on Parachute, log into outlook.live.com and select Settings > View all Outlook settings > Mail > Junk email. Under “Safe senders and domains”, type in “parachute.live” and click “Save”. Once “parachute.live” has been added to your safe senders list (see image below), email the concierge to have your email address unblocked and your account re-activated

Outlook safe senders 4ec81be01201017ed192cabe39a01eec3177087f10ad657e5365b8ef939f3ee2

Why is recording with Parachute better than using the regular Camera app?

The Camera app is not designed for emergencies. Because of this, it is very easy to accidentally touch the screen and end the recording, ruin the recording by changing the focus, or never record anything in the first place. Parachute is designed so you can touch the screen while recording without any damage being caused to the video.

The Camera app is limited by the amount of space available on your phone. Because Parachute saves your evidence away from your phone, it is not bound by the amount of storage on your phone when there is good network connectivity.

When you record video with the Camera app and your phone runs out of battery, the video is lost. With Parachute, the video is still kept, even if your phone is offline and could not reach the Parachute servers.

Parachute blacks out the screen while recording, letting you record video more discreetly than the Camera app.

Unlike the regular Camera app, which filters out background sound, Parachute is designed to capture all sound. Parachute uses an “Omnidirectional” polar pattern to capture 360 degrees of sound, which can provide important context during an emergency and reveal events happening outside of the camera’s field of view

You can learn more about the design decisions behind Parachute here

Why is there a small delay in the live video?

Unlike apps like Skype, FaceTime or Periscope, which require both parties to have the app, Parachute does not require the receiver to download any extra apps. This is because, while you're in an emergency, the last thing you want is the receiver having to install extra stuff. Parachute is designed so its video can be played on every modern device and browser. Achieving this introduces a small delay in the video that depends on the network conditions, device and browser

Why is the livestream showing a message saying that Parachute was interrupted?

When you receive a phone call or a FaceTime call while a Parachute incident is in progress, iOS takes the microphone and camera away from Parachute and gives them to the phone app. This is because your iPhone is, first and foremost, a phone, so the native phone app will always have priority over any other app. After the phone call is over, iOS returns the microphone and camera back to Parachute.

During the phone call or FaceTime call, a message explaining the interruption is displayed on the Parachute livestream. Live location data and other data continue to be streamed while the phone call or FaceTime call are in progress. After the phone call or FaceTime call is over, live video and audio resumes. Check out our Example Parachute Timeline to learn more

Can Parachute capture video while it is in the background or when the phone is locked?

With Superlock: You can use Parachute’s Superlock add-on to lock your phone while continuing to record video and audio

Without Superlock: It is not technologically possible for any app on the iPhone (including Apple’s native camera app) to record video unless it is the foreground app. If you lock your phone or switch apps during a Parachute incident, Parachute will continue live-streaming your location and other data, but it will pause the video and audio recording, and the livestream will show a message saying that “The camera is not available when Parachute is in the background”. Once Parachute is back on the foreground, video and audio recording will continue. Check out our Example Parachute Timeline to learn more. You can submit a feature request to Apple regarding recording while the phone is locked or in the background at Apple iPhone Feature Request

Why does Parachute show a red “Recording” notice?

In the Apple App Store version of Parachute, we are required to display a notice on the screen when video is being recorded. This is an important and well-intentioned privacy requirement. Without this requirement, apps could secretly record you without your knowledge. To increase the level of discreetness, you can dim the screen’s brightness. Parachute for Organizations members have access to a version of Parachute that does not display the “Recording” notice, subject to the country’s regulations

How much data does Parachute use?

When streaming live video, Parachute uses intelligent streaming algorithms to balance quality and data usage. Data usage will depend on the complexity of the video being shot, with well-lit video with little movement requiring significantly less data usage than poorly-lit video with a lot of movement. Parachute will use at most 0.26MB per second, but typically this usage will be significantly lower than that

How can I make it harder to accidentally activate Parachute?

When you find yourself in an emergency, every second counts. Every touch is an extra hurdle to overcome, distracting your focus from the emergency. This is why Parachute is designed to be extremely easy to activate in an emergency. An accidental activation is a lot less serious than an activation that could not be completed because of an extra hurdle we added. We believe Parachute hits the right balance between ease of activation in an emergency and protection from accidental activation.

You can choose to make it harder to activate Parachute by placing the app in a folder and moving that folder to the last page of apps on your phone. To eliminate the risk of an accidental activation, set a passcode or TouchID and make sure you lock your phone after using it

How can I test Parachute?

We choose every extra button and feature with extreme care in our effort to keep Parachute to the bare minimum so anyone can use it in any situation. For this reason, we do not offer a test mode. If you would like to test Parachute, you can either add your own numbers/emails as emergency contacts, or let your emergency contacts know in advance that you will be conducting a test

How can my organization receive Parachute incidents in bulk?

The simplest way for an organization to receive Parachute incidents is to set up a group email address that people can add as an emergency contact. If you would like a powerful emergency management platform, you can use the Parachute platform

How can I see who has me listed as an emergency contact?

You can see who has you listed as an emergency contact by texting "who" or by calling our automated system at +1 844 419 7000 (option 2)

I have received a text, phone call or email from Parachute, but I do not recognize the person. What do I do?

First, make sure this is, indeed, someone you don't know. Check their name, email and take a look at their location and video to make sure it's not someone you know. You can also text "alerts" or call +1 844 419 7000 to get more information about this incident. If you are sure this is not someone you know, you can stop emergency alerts (see below)

I do not want to receive Parachute emergency texts or calls. What do I do?

Just call (choose option 9) or text "block" to +1 844 419 7000 from the number you don't wish to receive Parachute texts or calls from. For spam prevention, anyone who sent you an incident in the past 24 hours will have their account flagged and will have to contact us to re-enable their account. If you have any concerns regarding blocking, spam, abuse, unsolicited calls, or unsolicited texts, please email abuse@parachute.live

I do not want to receive Parachute emergency emails. What do I do?

At the bottom of every Parachute emergency email you'll find a line saying "If you do not know this person you can stop Parachute alerts". Just touch that link and you will never receive a Parachute emergency email again. For spam prevention, the person who sent you the incident will have their account flagged and will have to contact us to re-enable their account. If you have any concerns regarding blocking, spam, abuse or unsolicited emails, please email abuse@parachute.live.

I previously blocked Parachute emergency texts or calls but I now want to re-enable them. What do I do?

Just call (choose option 8) or text "start" to +1 844 419 7000 from the number you wish to re-enable. Note that if you previously texted "stop", you will not be able to unblock Parachute emergency texts by phone call. You have to send us a text instead

I previously blocked Parachute emergency emails but I now want to re-enable them. What do I do?

Just email abuse@parachute.live from the email you wish to re-enable

I received a Parachute alert on a landline, but received no other text or email. How do I get the link to the livestream?

Typically, if someone adds your landline as an emergency contact, they will also add another means of communication so you can receive the link to the Parachute incident. But if you have not received the link, you can call back (+1 844 419 7000) and choose option 1. Parachute will read back the shortlink

What is “early access”?

When we are working on new features, we often offer a small group of Parachute members the ability to access them early, before releasing them to the entire Parachute community. We do this because we would like to hear feedback, suggestions and comments on them before incorporating them fully into Parachute. You can request early access to new features at any time, however, paid Parachute members are always given priority consideration, and always jump to the top of the waiting list. If you are using one or more features available via early access, please let us know if you run into any problems while using the feature. Parachute’s money-back guarantee does not apply to early access features. This allows us to work on new features and gather feedback quickly. Do not use early access features in a real emergency

How do I transfer my Parachute settings when moving to a new phone?

To preserve your Parachute settings when moving to a new phone, set up your new phone using an encrypted iCloud backup or an encrypted iTunes backup of your previous phone. To prevent an attacker from exfiltrating your Parachute data through an unencrypted backup, Parachute’s settings are only backed up when your phone is set up to use encrypted iCloud or iTunes backups. Without an encrypted backup, your account settings will not be transferred to your new phone and you will need to set up your Parachute’s settings from scratch on the new phone

How do I transfer my early adopter status to my new phone?

Your 2015–2018 early adopter status will be automatically transferred to your new phone, unless you choose to set up your new phone from scratch or use an unencrypted (insecure) backup. Just make sure to set up your new phone using an encrypted iCloud backup or an encrypted iTunes backup of the previous phone. The process is completely seamless and there will be no further action or login required on your end. If you have multiple devices, make sure to choose the correct backup of the device with the early adopter status when setting up your new phone. If you choose to set up your new phone from scratch without restoring from the previous phone’s backup, your early adopter status and Parachute’s settings will not be transferred to your new phone. For help with restoring your iPhone from backup, please visit “Restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from a backup

How do I delete my Parachute account and erase my data?

There’s nothing more frustrating than companies that make you send an email, or, even worse, a letter in the mail, just to get your account deleted and your data removed from their systems. Parachute lets you delete your account and erase all your data by yourself, at any time, with no questions asked and without having to email customer support, simply by opening this link on your phone: Delete My Account

Will I be able to use Parachute after I delete my Parachute account and erase my data?

Once you delete your Parachute account you will not be able to use Parachute again in the future. Please delete Parachute from your phone

What happens if I request a refund on my membership via Apple Care?

As soon as Apple processes your refund, your membership will be immediately cancelled and you will not be able to use Parachute again in the future

Can I use Parachute if my phone has child surveillance software such as “Qustodio” or “Net Nanny” installed?

If your school or parent has installed deep surveillance software such as “Qustodio” or “Net Nanny” on your phone, you will not be able to use Parachute and your Parachute access will be permanently revoked. Please cancel your membership immediately, as you will not be able to use Parachute

Can I use Parachute if my phone has employee surveillance software such as “Qustodio” installed?

If your employer has installed deep surveillance software such as “Qustodio” on your phone, you will not be able to use Parachute and your Parachute access will be permanently revoked. Please cancel your membership immediately, as you will not be able to use Parachute

What encryption standards does Parachute use?

All Parachute evidence travels encrypted in a secure pipe with an RSA 2048-bit key signed by a CA. We use a CAA record to prevent unauthorized entities from issuing rogue certificates. We use SSL pinning to ensure malicious parties cannot intercept our data by issuing rogue certificates. We also use HSTS to protect against downgrade attacks. To protect against email spoofing, we sign all our emails with DKIM keys, publish an SPF record, and apply a DMARC policy of "reject" across all our email systems. Organizations have the option to set up E2E encryption, which requires both parties to set up the encryption beforehand, making the data opaque to Parachute, and thus eliminating the need to trust Parachute itself. E2E encryption is only available to organizations who would like to use it, as this feature is not desirable in the normal use case of the Parachute app. Unlike emails, text messages and phone calls pass through the public telephone networks, and are dependent on the practices of each network operator. As per Parachute’s goals of shareability, minimization of obstacles during an emergency, and zero pre-agreement, Parachute shortlinks are hard-to-guess publicly accessible links. Parachute defends aggressively against shortlink enumeration, rendering it mathematically impossible to conduct full-scale shortlink enumeration. Additionally, publicly accessible links to incidents go cold after 3 months, after which they can be re-enabled only by the owner of the incident. Users should diligently make sure to delete any incident they do not wish to remain publicly accessible. Parachute for Organizations administrators can choose whether they would like their incidents to be publicly accessible or not

Does Parachute offer a Bug Bounty program for researchers and hackers?

Yes, Parachute offers a Bug Bounty program, for bugs and vulnerabilities that are within the scope our security model. You will always make more money selling a Parachute vuln to us than going to someone else. You need to register with bounties@parachute.live and get information on what is within the scope of our security model before conducting any research of any kind. Conducting any research of any kind without registering and acquiring the necessary permissions violates our ToS and all instances will be met with forceful legal response

Where can I find the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for the Parachute app?

The Terms of Use for the Parachute app are available here: Terms of Use

The Privacy Policy for the Parachute app is available here: Privacy Policy

Have more questions? Email us at hi@parachute.live


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