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Mar 12, 2021 · 6 min read
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15 Parachute Safety Features That Protect You In An Attack

1. Designed for shaky hands

Parachute is designed to be easy to activate with just a single touch, so you don’t have to fumble around while your hands are shaking. You can also activate Parachute by saying a secret passphrase to Siri, or through your lock screen using the Parachute widget.

2. Blasts alerts to your emergency contacts

Parachute calls, texts and emails all your emergency contacts at the same time, allowing you to focus on the situation at hand and not on your phone. Instead of sending the alerts one-by-one through your phone carrier, Parachute sends out all alerts simultaneously using Parachute’s global emergency network.

3. Plays your pre-recorded phone alert message

Parachute lets you pre-record an alert message for your emergency contacts to hear when they answer their phone, so you can give them actionable instructions even if you’re not able to speak at the time of the emergency. You can also set up emergency notes that will be released to your emergency contacts.

4. Live-streams video, audio and location

Your emergency contacts can see, hear and follow you in real time, with live video, audio and location. The livestream is accessible from any desktop or mobile device, so they do not need to waste precious time to download Parachute at the time of the emergency.

5. Records discreetly

Parachute blacks out the screen while it’s recording, making it harder for an attacker to notice that you’re recording and potentially retaliate against you.

6. Blocks accidental touches

Unlike your iPhone’s Camera app, which could blur the focus or stop recording if you accidentally touch the screen, Parachute prevents accidental touches from interfering with the video being recorded.

7. Stores evidence off your phone

Your evidence is pushed off your phone as it’s being live-streamed, so it’s kept safe even if your phone is lost, taken or destroyed during a struggle. You and your emergency contacts can review the incident and download the evidence after it’s over.

8. Hides your evidence

An attacker who gets a hold of your phone will not be able to find or delete any of the evidence that was recorded, even if they force you to reveal your passcode or manage to break your iPhone’s encryption.

9. Prevents an attacker from stopping the recording

The Superlock add-on prevents an unauthorized person from stopping Parachute or switching off your phone, allowing Parachute to continue to record and live-stream uninterrupted until you enter your secret 6-digit passcode.

10. Captures video from the front and back cameras simultaneously

The Multi-Camera add-on records and live-streams from both the front and the back cameras at the same time, so you don’t have to choose between them at the time of the emergency.

11. Records from the front, back and bottom microphones

Parachute captures omnidirectional audio by combining the front, back and bottom microphones, so it will capture clear audio even if your finger accidentally covers one of the microphones.

12. Works through areas with bad reception

Unlike regular live-streaming apps, which deteriorate and eventually fail when you go through an area with bad reception, Parachute continues to record through bad reception and the live-stream automatically catches up as soon as your reception improves. The quality of the video being recorded is not affected and not a single frame of video is lost.

13. Tweets your live incident

With the Twitter add-on, Parachute will automatically tweet your live incident, along with your pre-composed tweet, so you can quickly get your followers’ attention and share your incident with the world.

14. Automatically checks up on you

With the Checkup add-on, Parachute checks up on you every 12 hours and alerts your emergency contacts if you don’t mark yourself safe. This acts as a backup of last resort, ensuring that your emergency contacts still receive your emergency notes and last known location even if you were unable to activate Parachute at the time of the emergency.

15. Works all around the world

You can activate Parachute from anywhere in the world. Parachute’s global emergency network can send texts to 224 countries and make calls to 119 countries. Because Parachute does not go through your carrier for texts and phone calls, you can confidently activate Parachute even when you’re travelling abroad, without having to worry about phone and text roaming charges.

Parachute’s New-York-based Concierge (for Parachute members) and Helpdesk (for Lite & Micro members) can help you make the best of Parachute and tailor it to fit your safety needs

Parachute is the most powerful safety app in the world. In the event of an emergency, it texts, calls and emails your friends and loved ones and sends them your live video, audio and location

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